PATRICIA NIXON-KENDRICK- Office Manager/Chiropractic Health Assistant

Patricia Nixon-Kendrick started working at the Riverview Chiropractic Clinic in 2001 as a chiropractic  health assistant.  She has held the position of office manager of the RIverview Chiropractic Clinic since 2018.

Marie Gaetanne LeBreton

JANET LOCKHART- Chiropractic Health Assistant

Janet Lockhart worked as a Registered Nurse for many years prior to joining our team in 2019.  She brings to her position of chiropractic health assistant valued skills and experience.


  Registered Massage Therapist

Christy Walker and her team of registered massage therapists provide services at the Riverview Chiropractic Clinic.  ONLINE BOOKING FOR MASSAGE IS AVAILABLE AT THE LINK BELOW:

CHRISTY WALKER - Registered Massage Therapist

Christy Walker graduated in 2004 from the 2500-hour Massage Therapy course at KineConcept Institute in Fredericton.  She has, since then, continued to take courses to further her skills and education in the massage field.  She is a member in good standing of the Association of New Brunswick Massage Therapists and the College of New Brunswick Massage Therapists.  Christy's passion is working with clients to ensure they have a pain-free life.

She is certified in deep tissue massage, trigger point, myofascial release, Swedish massage techniques, pregnancy massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, joint mobilization, pre-natal, children's massage, cupping massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, passive relaxed stretching, resisted stretching and remedial exercises.  She also has experience treating patients with cancer and motor vehicle accidents as well as many Veterans Affairs clients.

Christy bring a professional and personal dedication to her chosen career in alternative medicine.  She believes in the profound ability that the mind and body has to heal when given the  proper body balance and harmony.  Massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health and wellness to the body.